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Our boots can really boost your dog's traction great for mobility issues or arthritis. Non-slip dog socks provide traction indoors. Pet Booties Australia quickly conforms to each paw, even to swollen or bandaged paws. If you have a dog with an allergy to grass, if you dog has sensitive paws, or just as a fashion statement, dog shoes are useful and do serve a purpose. These boots keep dogs from tracking dirt, mud, or snow into the house, help injured, disabled, or elderly pets that drag their paws, will give dogs confidence on slippery surfaces like hardwood floors, and much more. Ideal for dogs with cuts bruises or sensitive paws. These shoes are comfortable, water resistant, and fashionable!  This protective slip-on boot is made from a soft moisture-absorbing inner material over with a neoprene sole and toe. The dog's toenails protrude through the boot, to secure the fit and allow for natural traction. We carry a wide collection of shoes, boots and sandals to match the requirements of the pet. We have pet fashion shoes, everyday dog shoes, and tough hiking dog boots sandals. 

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